Welcome to a website that can help you develop your interest in perfume —
and help you develop your own perfume

Here are resources for first-time developers of perfume, already successful creators of perfume, and friends who have not yet tasted the joy of developing and marketing a fragrance of their own ... but now, perhaps, might give it a try.

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Philip Goutell
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The help offered through this website comes out of my own experience in marketing and creating perfume. A sampling of fragrances I have created can be found here. Marketing, with "numbers" is a side topic of the "1700 Percent" book offered below.

If you have any doubts about your ability to develop a perfume, travel to this page and take advantage of my free offer. This could be, for you, the beginning of an exciting adventure.

I welcome you to my website and and encourage you to brouse. You might also find the following books useful.