Strategies for developing and
marketing your perfume

You see a market, you smell the profit but to harvest that profit you need a plan, a fragrance, and a promotion. It all starts with the plan and the plan starts with your market.

Step 1 — Understanding your market

How well do you understand your market? How carefully have you selected it? How precisely can you define it? Never forget that a market is a cluster of people and your ability to interact with them successfully is essential. Test your knowledge of your market here.

Step 2 — Developing your promotion

Your promotion is the communication you use to send the right message to the right people. When you make the right offer to the right people, they buy from you. Test the odds that your promotion will succeed here.

Step 3 — Creating your fragrance

If sales are your objective, you will first study your market, then develop your promotion, and finally, with a clear idea of who you will be selling to and how you will be selling, develop a fragrance that will "fit" the requirements of your market and your promotion. If developing a fragrance is new to you, purchase a copy of Creating Your Own Perfume With A 1700 Percent Markup! and read it over and over again until you fully understand the process.

Strategies make a difference

In today's highly competitive marketplace, seemingly dominated by international giants, opportunities abound for new marketers — when they have a product, a plan, and a strategy that cuts through the clutter. Each month members of our Perfume Makers' Club receive our "Strategies" newsletter. It highlights innovative strategies that "upstart" marketers are using successfully. The newsletter is edited to help you think strategically when you plan a new fragrance.

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