Marketing Your Own Perfume?

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A new fragrance launched in the right market with the right promotion can be a true money maker. If you are in the process of developing a perfume, or even thinking about developing a perfume, our resources can help.

Development —

If you are developing a perfume for profit (rather than as a craft project), your first step? To lock down the market! Know who you are selling to and how to communicate with them. Develop your message. Then start to develop the fragrance itself.

Read more about locking down a market...(this will get you started on the right foot!)

Read about developing your fragrance itself...(this could help you when it comes time to make sales!)

Production —

Producing a perfume will always involve the same steps but how those steps are executed will depend largely on your budget and the scale of your project. With a small budget and large ambition you can produce and assemble a very credible perfume by hand. But working with professionals generally makes sense and can save you money. Explore the possibilities before writing checks and signing contracts. Read more...(to understand the ways your production can be carried out!)

Marketing —

You may be targeting a good market and working all the right media but unless your promotion has a strong hook, you won't see dramatic sales. Justin Bieber's hook for Someday was simple — "I like girls who smell like Someday." That message sold a lot of Justin's Someday perfume. Read more...(the hook your develop for your perfume is 99% of what will make it sell!)

Strategies make a difference —

Each month members of our Perfume Makers' Club receive our Perfume Strategies newsletter. The newsletter isn't so much about perfume as it is about strategies. (For help developing your perfume, go here.) Strategies are what make the difference between being a success and being ignored. If you want your perfume to fly, look into our Perfume Makers' Club and Perfume Strategies newsletter. It can help you craft better strategies for your perfume, or any product or service!.

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