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'Apple Blossom' perfume by Helena Rubinstein, bottle photo

Apple Blossom perfume by Helena Rubinstein

There appears to be some confusion over the exact launch year for Helena Rubinstein's Apple Blossom perfume. Bottles, said to be from the 1930's, exist. In fact, it appears to have been a best seller for Rubinstein in the 1930's and, in 1941, Heaven Sent was launched (with great but cheap fanfare) to follow up on Apple Blossom's success. Perhaps the 1948 launch date offered by some sources refers to a re launch of one of Helena Rubinstein's most popular fragrances.

The wonder of Apple Blossom was that it was quite affordable for Helena Rubinstein's customers, yet quite inexpensive to manufacture. Thus, while modestly priced for the customers, it was quite profitable for Rubinstein.

Like a number of fragrances launched in the first half of the 20th century, the "Apple Blossom" name was neither original nor unique to Rubinstein. In the 1920's (when Helena Rubinstein lived, for the most part, in Paris), a company called Contoure had its own "Apple Blossom" which, it would appear, was not such a great hit.

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  • Cher Rainbolt, 12/23/2023. I just found a full bottle of 1948 Apple Blossom in the box yesterday and am intrigued by this fragrance.

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  • --, 06/16/2023. My bottle of apple blossom is in shape of a squirrel eating a nut. Full bottle

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  • heine, 07/13/2021. Apple Blossom war mein erstes Parfum 1956, ich bin Baujahr 1940 und schw√§rme heute noch von diesem unvergesslichem Duft. Jugend-Erinnerungen werden wachgerufen.

    — —

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