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Ma Griffe by Carven

Ma Griffe By Carven

Ma Griffe, introduced in 1946, was remarkable to taking the "green" note to a higher level. Previously perfumer Jean Carles had made use of this note in Shocking for Elsa Schiaparelli (1937). After Ma Griffe led the way in this direction, other houses followed: Miss Dior (Dior), Cabochard (Grès), Calèche (Hermès) and Fidji (Guy Laroche).

Jean Carles was, for many years, the chief perfumer to Roure Bertand fils et Justin Dupont. Ma Griffe created through Roure. It is said that at the time Carles created Ma Griffe, he had lost his sense of smell — but not his memory. He created Ma Griffe, it is said, through an intimate knowledge of perfumery chemistry and thus being able to envision fragrances that he, himself, could no longer smell.

The name, "ma griffe" ("my label" or "my mark"), was the name of one of Carven's first collections and was used to define what the business would be about — stylish clothing for petite women.

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