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L'Origan perfume by Coty

L'Origan Perfume by François Coty

Introduced in 1905, L'Origan ("marjoram")was the first of Coty's truly great perfumes. The fragrance swept Paris and helped consolidate Coty's reputation as a perfumer-promoter.

In L'Origan Coty demonstrated that it was possible to create a fine but affordable perfume that would appeal both to the upper classes and to the less affluent but very large middle class.

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Detail of the bottom of L'Origan bottle

Detail of the bottom of the bottle of Coty's L'Origan perfume.
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Detail of the stopper for Coty's L'Origan perfume

Detail of the stopper of Coty's L'Origan perfume.

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  • Darlene408, 12/23/2023. my maternal Great Grand father, Emile L Besinge developed this perfume for Cody House

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