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Eau de Joy
Jean Patou

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Photo of bottle of 'Eau de Joy' perfume

Eau de Joy perfume by Jean Patou
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Detail of stopper of 'Eau de Joy'

Detail of stopper of Eau de Joy perfume by Jean Patou

Eau de Joy was created for Jean Patou by in-house perfumer, Henri Giboulet. The bottle is now a spinkler neck with screw on metal cap rather than the classic glass stopper/dabber but the shape continues to suggest the classic Joy bottle, as does the name and the fragrance.

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  • Brigitta Brandt, 01/06/2021. Don't know if this is of interest, but I own a bottle of Eau de Joy Jean Patou Paris purchased in the 60's, almost full. It is in the original box in good condition with a REF number of 1203. There is also a stamped number, but hard to read.
    Would there be any interest in preserving this beautiful perfume?

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