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Photo of bottle of 'Eau de Joy' perfume

Eau de Joy perfume by Jean Patou
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Detail of stopper of 'Eau de Joy'

Detail of stopper of Eau de Joy perfume by Jean Patou

Enjoy, created for Jean Patou by in-house Patou perfumer, Jean Michel Duriez, is an interesting adaptation of Patou's classic Joy.

The basic shape of the bottle is taken from Patou's Joy, with the bottle expanded for greater capacity. While the top looks like the classic Joy stopper, it is in fact a very nice plastic cover for Enjoy's spray pump.

The mounting of the pump itself is interesting for crimp marks of the basic crimp style pump are covered with an elegant (but easily removable) plastic collar. The cap is particularly elegant with the "JP" logo knocked out of a silver background so that light shows through it and it gains the feeling of depth.

Enjoy is a far more affordable — and modern — fragrance than Joy. In today's market, if cost were not an issue, it is likely that a great many women would prefer Enjoy over Joy. Certainly Enjoy serves as an excellent introduction to Jean Patou perfumes.

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