How much can you tell me about your market?

You can't sell your perfume if you don't have a market for it. It's not enough to think you have a market. To make sales you have to have a market that's real ... a market that's your own ... a market you own. It doesn't have to be large but it does have to be real, and it does have to be yours.

Let's talk about your market. Who are these people? How well do you know them? What can you tell me about them? What could they tell me about you?

How did your last communication with them go? Did you get the kind of feedback you were expecting? And, if they ignored you, that too is feedback — they were telling you your message wasn't worth a response, which means you have some work to do before you'll be able to sell anything to them.

To make sales you have to have followers who trust you and approve of what you are doing. So your first step, if you want to sell perfume, it so develop a following. Build a following of people who take an interest in you and what you are doing. Whip them up with enthusiasm for you. Then, when you have enough of an enthusiastic following, you can start to work up a message that will entice them into buying your perfume.

It all has to start with a market you "own", a group of people who feel comfortable with you, comfortable enough with you to buy a fragrance from you. People don't buy perfume from strangers. You have to introduce yourself first. You have to share some communications. Get your group together. Give them something. Build trust, build rapport. Learn from the feedback they give you. Then craft a fragrance and fragrance promotion that will rock them.

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