Test the odds that your
promotion will succeed

When you launch your promotion for a new fragrance, there can be no absolute guarantee that it will be profitable. But if you test yourself on the four points below, you will get a much better picture of whether you are ready to go ahead or whether you might do better to go back and put more work into defining your market and developing the promotion itself.

# 1 — Your story

The story can be about your or your fragrance. The more compelling the story, the more likely people will be moved to buy it. If you don't yet have a story — a gripping, emotional, gut wrenching story for your fragrance — stop and work on one. It doesn't have to be "real". Fragrance is about fantasy. But you must give your fragrance a story.

# 2 — Your hook

Is there something in your story that hooks the prospect and quickly leads to an order? Developing a good hook is an art but it is a profitable art to study. If you don't understand what a hook is, read this.

# 3 — Priming the pump

Does your marketing strategy include a device for priming the pump — getting the flow of orders started. Medicine show quacks used shills in the audience to make the first "sales". Seeing some people buy, the crowd followed. Today the art often involves getting social media influencers to post favorable messages about your fragrance. You give it to them free. Full size samples need to go to the influencers in your target market. You won't always get the review you want but this too can tell you something. Once you have identified the influencer who can help you, develop a relationship with them. Find out what they need to move their followers to action. Coupons and contests, run by you, can also help to get the energy flowing. Don't try to make regular, full-price sales until your fragrance is getting some buzz.

# 4 — Testing for interaction

You targeted your market, you're ready launch your perfume. To make sales, you will be using some kind of media, online or otherwise. Now is the time to test this media, to find out if people really will respond to you and your message. You can do this with coupons, you can do this with special offers, but you will not (yet!) do this with your fragrance. For example, if you intend to use social media to sell your fragrance, put an offer out for a coupon worth a free bottle of fragrance. See how many people respond. (You can limit free offer to the first 10, 25, or 50 people to respond.) If not enough people respond, you may have to reevaluate your promotional concept or the media you plan to use. Likewise if a local radio station is to be your main media, let them advertise the coupon. Evaluate the response. Are people getting onboard with you? These tests will cost you very little money.

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