"61 Basic Strategies For
Selling Your Own Perfume!"

A review

While this book, even with small 2015 edits, will seem outdated, it continues to have much to offer the selective reader.

The first section of the book, "Finding A Business Model That Works For You" can be skipped over by those with experience in setting up their own business. But if the idea of having your own business is new to you, these pages should prove helpful.

The second section, "First Principles," goes through the steps required to assemble a perfume -- getting the fragrance into a bottle and getting the bottle sealed and labeled. This too will be old hat to many readers.

But then comes "Using Perfume To Make Money." Here, even if you are already selling your own perfume, you are likely to encounter practical strategies that never occurred to you and the book lays out the steps in their execution.

One of the most controversial relationships is that between the independent fragrance creator and the retail store. Many who achieve placement of their fragrance in one or more stores on consignment suffer disappointment when the fragrance fails to sell and, when they go back to fetch their unsold bottles, find them shopworn, unfit to offer again as "new." They would not be getting this surprise if they had studied the "Getting Your Perfume Into Stores" section of this book.

Joint venture are discussed and offer important possibility under certain circumstances. Again, they are not a magic bullet. They have their place, a very significant place, but the circumstances and the skills contributed by each side most be appropriate.

Can this book help you? Maybe. It can help if you are fishing for marketing paths to explore and are willing to put profit ahead of glamor. Even some strategies which seem, in 2015, to be outdated, might be profitably recycled with a bit of creative imagination.

Absent from this book are strategies involving social media. Social media didn't exist when the book was written and today, in 2015, countless websites and blogs describe ways to use social media to market goods profitably, although none are the last word.

"61 Basic Strategies For Selling Your Own Perfume!"
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