Converting Weights To Volume For Perfume Production
A 3-minute educational video

What this video shows:

I created a perfume using dropper bottles and recorded the number of drops of each aroma material that was used. I then replicated that formula on an electronic balance, noting first the weight of each aroma material and then calculating the percentage of the formula which that weight represented. With these percentages I am able to scale up the formuila for production.

But for production I'll be working with volumes so I need to calculate the weight of the finished oil in grams for the volume I want to product, in this case 135 milliliters. Thus the question: what is the weight in grams of 135 milliliters of my formula? This is a typical question that arises in perfume production.

To get the weight needed, I'll start by calculating the weight of one milliliter of my finished fragrance oil. To do this I'll use a graduated cylinder and an electronic balance.

In addition to the measuring process, all the required mathematical calculations are shown in the video.

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