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Evening In Paris
(Soir de Paris)

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Evening In Paris
(Soir de Paris)

From Russia where he had started his career as laboratory assistant at A. Rallet & Co. (his father was a director of the company), Ernest Beaux moved on to France at the time of the Russian Revolution and took refuge with the fragrance house of Chiris, Rallet's protector.

Called upon to create a perfume for Gabrielle Chanel, Beaux gives her No. 5, launched in 1921 and still a huge money maker today.

When Pierre Wertheimer and the Wertheimer family strike a deal with Chanel to market her fragrances, Ernest Beaux becomes chief perfumer for the new venture. As the Wertheimer family also owns Bourjois, Beaux takes change of its laboratories too.

Soir de Paris is Beaux's first and greatest hit for Bourjois. Launched in 1928, this fragrance is still on the market today.

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  • -, 04/24/2008.
    In 1923, Bourjois launched a radio program in the U.S. to pitch their face powder. The show was called "Evening In Paris."

    When Bourjois launched "Evening In Paris" perfume (1928), it was first introduced in the United States and only later in France.

    By 1953, "Evening In Paris" could be purchased in Paris for $3 an ounce. In the United States an ounce of "Evening In Paris" fetched $12.50!
  • Adao Sedenil, 04/26/2007.
    The bottle created for "Soir de Paris" is attributed to Jean
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