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Photo of bottle of 'Amour Amour' perfume by Jean Patou
Guéorgui Vassilievitch Matchabelli

Had it not been for the Bolshevik takeover of Georgia in 1921, Prince Matchabelli would be an "unknown" today. Prior to 1921, Guéorgui Vassilievitch Matchabelli (1885-1935) served briefly as Georgia's ambassador to Italy, was known to love opera (and at least one lady of the opera), and, in 1916, had married Norina Gilli, an Italian actress. Some biographies, possibly to support his credentials as a perfumer, state that he had studied chemistry in Germany.

In 1924, the Matchabellis found themselves in the United States, penniless refugees from the Bolshevik terror. The prince, it is said, could only go out at night in a dinner jacket for all his other clothes were being held as security for debts he could not pay. His situation was similar to other formerly wealthy nobles fleeing the Bolsheviks.

We don't know how the Matchabellis got the idea to start a perfume business or where they got their first formula. It is worth noting that in 1924, Coco Chanel entered into a marketing agreement for her No.5 perfume. Chanel had been introduced to perfumer Ernest Beaux, himself an exile from Russia, by another refugee from Russia, Grand Duke Dmitri Pavolvitch — whose sister, Marie, who had worked for Chanel, would later consider launching a perfume of her own in the United States. Perhaps as Russia had been the home of so much perfume, perfume was in the air for the Matchabellis, and in 1926 a perfume could still be launched with very modest capital.

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Older Prince Matchabelli perfume bottle

Older Prince Matchabelli perfume bottle (c.1930-1935), possibly for Holly Berry

In 1926 the Matchabellis went a bit deeper into hock to set up their perfume company. Princess Norina Matchabelli is said to have designed the trademark bottle — a bottle said to be a small replica of Prince Matchabelli's (lost) crown. A publicist arranged for an interview with Collier's magazine. Somewhere a formula was obtained. Stories were told that it came from Matchabelli's grandmother and that Matchabelli was an amateur chemist. The interview was a success. The fragrance generated sales. More fragrances were introduced.

In 1931, Princess Matchabelli became a dedicated follower of Meher Baba; in 1933 the Matchabellis divorced. Prince Matchabelli died in 1935 and was buried in Mt. Olivet Cemetery in Queens, New York.

The Prince Matchabelli perfume business was sold to Saul Ganz in 1936 for $250,000. Ganz appointed his son, Paul H. Ganz, to be president of the company. In 1941 Prince Matchabelli was sold to Vicks Chemical Company. In 1958, Vicks sold Prince Matchabelli to Chesebrough-Ponds. Chesebrough-Ponds was acquired by Unilever in 1987. In 1993, the Chesebrough-Ponds division of Unilever sold the Prince Matchabelli brands to Parfums de Coeur, Ltd.

In the fall of 1954, General Motors gave away 1,016,920 bottles of Prince Matchabelli perfume to promote the introduction of the 1955 Chevrolet.

The advertising campaign for Prince Matchabelli's Wind Song perfume is believed to be the first campaign the industry has ever used for a woman's fragrance that featured images only of men.

Perfumes By Prince Matchabelli

Ave Maria (1926)Unknown 
Princess Norina (1926)Unknown 
Queen of Georgia (1926)Unknown 
Abano (1934)Unknown 
Katherine the Great (1935)Unknown 
Cherokee (1936)Unknown 
Snowball (1936)Unknown 
Infanta (1937)Unknown 
Jingle Bell (1937)Unknown 
Duchess of York (193-)Unknown 
Potpourri (1940)Unknown 
Call to Arms (1942)Unknown 
Gypsy Pattern (1942)Unknown 
Crown Duet (1943)Unknown 
Easter Bonnet (1943)Unknown 
Crown Jewel (1945)Unknown 
Golden Autumn (1948)Unknown 
Beloved (1950)Unknown 
Prophecy (1950)Unknown 
Wind Song (1952)Unknown 
Firelight (1953)Unknown 
Guiding Light (1953)Unknown 
Lilith (1953)Unknown 
Odyssey (1953)Unknown 
Reprise (1953)Unknown 
Summer Shower (1953)Unknown 
Apassionata (1954)Unknown 
Christmas Angel (1955)Unknown 
Spring Fancy (1955)Unknown 
Added Attraction (1956)Unknown 
Gay Suggestion (1956)Unknown 
Sceptre (1956)Unknown 
Sybarite (1956)Unknown 
Sheer Madness (1959)Unknown 
Beloved Moment (1960)Unknown 
Cachet (1970)Unknown 
Aviance (1975)Unknown 
Wind Song Breezy (1976)Unknown 
Chimere (1980)Unknown 
Matchabelli (1982)Unknown 
Aviance Night Musk (1983)Unknown 
Cachet Noire (1983)Unknown 
Decadance (1985)Unknown 
Hero (1988)Unknown 
Night Rhythms (1989)Unknown 
Luna Mystique (1990)Unknown 
Unruly (1997)Unknown 
Ginger Lotus (2001)Unknown 
Fresh White Musk (2002)Unknown 
New Musk for Men (2002)Unknown 
New Musk for Woman (2002)Unknown 
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  • Marty Allen, 06/15/2021. I have one of these bottles in good shape

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  • Mary Carroll, 01/28/2021. Back in the 1970's there was Prince Matchabelli "Blue jeans" and I have search for many years to try to find it and see if anything could come close to that wonderful scent along with the memories. Please help and Thank you!

    — —

  • Nathaniel H Dahl , 07/20/2020. My uncle, Norman F. Dahl, was president of Prince Matchabelli for some period of time during the years it was owned by Vicks. He was a chemist who rose through the executive ranks at Scott and Baum Co. of Bloomfield, NJ (makers of Scott's Emulsion and other products). He also worked for a time for Elizabeth Arden. I remember him as two people - the reserved and rather stuffy man he was before his first wife, Gladys (nee Masker) died, and the happy-go-lucky jolly guy he became when he married his second wife, who's name I can't recall. It was shocking, the first time I saw him in his 2nd incarnation - he was wearing blue jeans instead of a suit and tie, and drove a Ford Mustang rather than a Lincoln Continental. He died a happy man at his 80th birthday party, with a martini in his hand.

    — —

  • Sandee snyder, 06/18/2019. I would love to smell and bathe in the oil of ABANO once more before I died.... please let me know if there is a newer scent similar. Thank you

    — —

  • Lg O'Brien, 03/18/2019. I want my Cachet back!!! I've been using that since it came out. Absolutely nothing like! Awesome fragrance. If anyone can tell me how I can campaign to get this back please do so. I'm so lost without it. Nothing else comes close to smelling that good on me. I'm so disappointed.

    — —

  • Bev Langdon, 03/15/2019. Chimere is the most beautiful perfume in the world equating with the perfume Joy.
    The recipe should be on file. Please start production of it again or sell the recipe to someone else. It is a crime to keep it under wraps. I still have a spray from 1982 that I sniff occasionally to bring back my courtship days.

    — —

  • Ma Swain, 03/19/2018. My grandmother wore Golden Autumn and it turned into the fragrance I loved as well. I have ordered from a company that is supposed to be able to replicate any scent but when I received it the scent was more like Wind Song not Golden Autumn. I wish they would bring this scent back.

    — —

  • Kathy Sturr, 03/19/2018. I love my Wind Song. I have been wearing it for many many many years. I hope that you continue to make this lovely fragrance.

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  • Cheri Rice, 03/19/2018. I agree. Please bring back Cachet. I'm lost without it also. Used it every day and always got compliments about it. Please, Please bring it back.

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  • Lg O'Brien, 07/17/2017. I want my Cachet back!!! I've been using that since it came out. Absolutely nothing like! Awesome fragrance. If anyone can tell me how I can campaign to get this back please do so. I'm so lost without it. Nothing else comes close to smelling that good on me. I'm so disappointed.

    — —

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