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Photo of older bottle of 'Trefle Incarnat' seen from bottom

Older L.T. Piver scent bottle showing name of Michel Adam's original store, "A la Riene de Fleurs", on it's cap.

L.T. Piver was one of the founding houses of French perfumery. In 1813, Louis-Toussaint Piver took over an enterprise that had been founded On July 8, 1774 by Michel Adam, "maître gantier parfumeur versaillais", in a shop at 82, rue des Lombards in Paris under the name "A la Reine des Fleurs".

Adam developed his business skillfully and succeeded in becoming official purveyor to the court of Louis XVI and, subsequently, to various royal families. In 1799 the business was passed to his son who, in 1805, handed off the business to a first cousin, Pierre-Guillaume Dissey. It was Dissey who hired, as a young apprentice, L-T Piver.

In 1813, Piver became a partner in the business and together with Dissey developed a range of products that featured elegant packaging — a promotional tool which was later used to great effect by François Coty. When Dissey died in 1823, the business became L.T. Piver.

In 1896, Jacques Rouché, a technician and son-in-law to L.T. Piver, became administrator of the business. Rouché was convinced the the future of the business lay in the use of state of the art knowledge of chemistry and he hired Georges Darzens, a prominent chemist, to assist in product development.

In 1896, Darzens had discovered amyl salicylate (an aromatic, orchid herbal note used as a blender), which he described as "the fragrance of flowering clover under the heat of August". This technology was applied to L.T. Piver perfume, Le Trèfle Incarnat, introduced in 1898.

The Growth Of L.T. Piver

Like François Coty one hundred years later, L.T. Piver launched an expansion program to conquor the world with perfume. From 1817 onward over 100 agencies were established and L.T. Piver products could be purchased England, Belgium, Spain, Austria, Russia and Brazil. L.T. Piver clients included the Bonaparte family and Sarah Bernhardt. A factory was opened in Grasse for processing flowers. A second factory was opened in Aubervilliers to manufacture cosmetic products. By 1926, L.T. Piver employed a workforce of 1,500, producing some 50 tons of product per day. Both Lalique and Baccarat provided "sculpted crystal containers".

L.T. Piver products included perfumed gloves and fans, face powders, soaps (with extract of lettuce and marshmallow), almond body cream, and iris body milk.

L.T. Piver claimed a number of "prizes, medals and other distinctions" in the Universal and Colonial Exhibitions — the great trade shows of Europe.

L.T. Piver claims that its Trèfle Incarnat perfume was the first to contain artificial essential oils.

Today L.T. Piver is located 9 rue du Faubourg Saint-Honoré, Paris, from whence it offers contemporary versions of some of its classic fragrances. It also continues to operate through agencies throughout the world.

L.T. Piver Fragrances

Please note: much uncertainty surrounds this list. Your comments are welcome ... see below.

Eau de Cologne à la Reine des Fleurs (1774)Michel AdamUnknown
Eau des Princes (1850)Louis-Toussaint PiverUnknown
Héliotrope Blanc (1850)Louis-Toussaint PiverUnknown
Rêve d'Or (1889)UnknownUnknown
Nijni-Novgorod (1896)UnknownUnknown
Le Trèfle Incarnat (1896)Jacques Rouché / Georges DarzensUnknown
Azuréa (1897)Pierre Armingeat / Georges DarzensUnknown
Esperys (1903)Jacques Rouché / Georges DarzensUnknown
Floramye (1905)Jacques Rouché / Georges DarzensUnknown
Pompeïa (1907)Pierre ArmingeatUnknown
Astris (1908)UnknownUnknown
Scarabée (1909)UnknownUnknown
Dolme (1910)UnknownUnknown
Ilka (1912)UnknownUnknown
Velivole (1913)UnknownUnknown
Mismelis (1913)UnknownUnknown
Ambre Duale (1922)UnknownUnknown
Aventurine (1922)UnknownUnknown
Corylopsis du Japon (1922)UnknownUnknown
Rosiris (1922)UnknownUnknown
Safranor (1922)UnknownUnknown
Scarabee (1922)UnknownUnknown
Violette Duale (1922)UnknownUnknown
Vivitz (1922)UnknownUnknown
Volt (1922)UnknownUnknown
Misti (1923)UnknownUnknown
Vallee des Rois (1923)UnknownUnknown
Fetiche (1923)UnknownUnknown
Vallee des Rois (1923)UnknownUnknown
Gao (1925)UnknownUnknown
Rocroy (1927)UnknownUnknown
Carminade (1928)UnknownUnknown
Mascarade (1928)UnknownUnknown
Un Parfum d'Adventure (1931)UnknownUnknown
Cuir de Russie (1939)UnknownUnknown
Bacara (1959)UnknownUnknown
Ciel d'Été (1959)UnknownUnknown
Lavande des Princes (1991)UnknownUnknown
Vétiver (1991)UnknownUnknown
Eau pour Homme (1995)UnknownUnknown
Clart? (1998)UnknownUnknown
Inclination (1998)UnknownUnknown
Clarté for Men (2000)UnknownUnknown
Eau de Piver (2000)UnknownUnknown
Diableries (?)UnknownUnknown

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  • Barbara Karyo, 03/27/2024. I have a porcelain lid with
    Lenitive et Tonique
    10 Bould de Strasbourg

    — —

  • Helen Peacock, 02/05/2024. Astris
    I was passed on a LT Piver perfume bottle from circa 1920 though I understand this fragrance was launched in 1908.
    It’s a clear Baccarat crystal bottle, with bronze mounting. The name of the perfume ‘Astris’ is engraved on the bronze plaque in the center of the ornate framework. The bottle has a crystal stopper and stands about 4.5" tall.

    — —

  • Tracy Lee, 03/22/2023. I recently purchased a perfume bottle with the the name L.T Piver Paris and a stamped circle with the letter R in the middle. This is engraved on the base of the red bottle. Please feel free to contact me as I would like to know more about it

    Yours Sincerely


    — —

  • william j sherman, 03/15/2019. My Great Grandfather Charles Baez was associated with L.T. Piver in New York in the turn of the century era. I have bottles of Floralyme my Grandmother gave me

    — —

  • C.VILLA, 11/27/2017. Il profumo Reve D'Or era con il flacone di vetro torciglione e
    l'astuccio blu con la scritta in oro. Ho lavorato per 10 anni come
    responsabile amministrativo presso la Piver Italiana e conservo ancora una
    confezione per ricordo.

    — —

  • Pauline Harrison, 01/16/2017. Connaissez-vous la valeur du parfum Vintage FLORAMYE CONCENTRE L. T. PIVER, PARIS J'ai une petite bouteille avec un dessus en laiton flip Il a un peu de parfum dans la bouteille

    It is a oblong shaped bottle with a stopper which has broken and is stuck.

    PG -- Sorry, but I don't do values.
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